Rainbow bath bombs

No. 1 Rainbow Bath Bombs in the UK! We think so!

Luxury Organics’ Rainbow Bath Bombs are just what you need to make every bath time magical! Simply drop one of these 3 bath bombs into warm water and watch the beautiful rainbow colours flow whilst smelling absolutely amazing.

We designed this product with children in mind, and we only ever use 100% natural and organic ingredients.

All of our bath bombs are handmade in a a press, each rainbow bath bomb is different to the next, but we can’t guarantee gold at the end!

Bath bombs are always best used in a freshly run bath. If any colour run onto the bath, just use some hot water to clean.

For best colour results and patterns place a bath bomb in the water don’t drop it in. Its also best not to squeeze of crumble a bath bomb, they won’t work as well.

We suggest adding the bath bomb to the bath first as this creates a better rainbow effect. Once most of the bath bomb begins to disperse, get in and enjoy all the fun colours and amazing aromas.

Safety: Do not ingest and do not continue to use if any rashes or irritations occurs. Avoid whilst pregnant or breast feeding. Keep safe from children and ensure children are correctly supervised whilst using the bath bomb.

Rainbow Moon Bath Bomb


Star, Moon and Cloud Rainbow Bath Bombs

Rainbow Star Bath Bomb

Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb Rose Pink

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