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So you may have heard about bath bombs and perhaps your kids use them more than yourself. But what is a shower steamer, it is similar to a bath bomb but its designed for the shower and adults. Using a shower steamer provides you with the same benefits you would get from using a bath bomb in the tub, but without the fuss. Some people call them, shower fizzes or shower bombs, we call them shower steamers.

They are perfect if you quick relaxing or invigorating shower. In fact you can get a shower steamer to enhance any mood you want.

What Is a Shower Steamer

A shower steamer is essentially like your bath bomb, but for your shower. They are tablets that fizz as water or steam touch them, then release an incredible scent depending on what oils are blended into the shower steamer. You can find them in any size, color, and aroma.

Besides the inviting scent they provide, shower steamers are also soothing and can help with recovery. Many people have used them to reduce stress and improve rest and relaxation or provide a quick jolt of energy. These aromatherapy benefits are because of the essential oils used in the shower steamer.

How Do Shower Steamers Work

Shower steamers use the core ingredients of baking soda and citric acid, and once it mixes with water from your shower, you’ll notice a fizzing reaction.

That reaction creates gasses, releasing the essential oils packed in your shower steamer in the air in the process. That’s how these steamers work in giving you a spa like experience in the shower. The pros and cons of essential oils.

How to Use Shower Steamers

Making your shower routine an intoxicating experience by using shower steamers is a simple process to follow whenever you take a shower.

  1. Start by letting your hot shower build up steam inside the shower. You can start with extremely hot water and adjust the water temperature accordingly afterward.
  2. Place one shower steamer on your shower floor. But find a location where the shower stream won’t hit the shower steamer directly, simply close enough for water splashes to hit it. The idea is to let the fizzy create a steam effect, slowly but steadily.
  3. Allow the shower steam to activate the fizz and release the aromatic essential oils throughout the shower. The warm steam and the incredible aromatherapy will let you relax and enjoy your shower like never before.

The Long Steam

If you plan for a long, therapeutic shower, place the shower steamer as far away from the shower stream as possible. It will slow the release of the aroma, so you can enjoy a longer fragrant-filled shower atmosphere. But if you’re cramped with time and need a quick pick-me-up in the shower, place the fizzy right under the stream of water. It will fill your shower with sweet scents in seconds.

Mood Enhancing Shower Steamers

The choice is entirely up to you, do you want I nice relaxing shower to settle down for the night and get ready for bed. Is it as soon as you wake up you need invigorating for the day at work.

Here are what different shower steamers can do for you

  • Relax and Reduce Stress: shower steamers scented with lime and lavender are soothing and can help you relax and find restful sleep.
  • Wakeup and Focus: the refreshing scents of spearmint and rosemary can help wake you up in the morning and improve your focus and mood to face the day.
  • Muscle Relief: shower steamers with a blend of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and camphor can help with muscle and sinus relief. Our peppermint shower steamers help ease muscle aches and can relieve nasal congestion.
  • Calm and Anxiety Relief: a blend of chamomile and lavender essential oils in a shower steamer can help remove any negative feelings like fear and anxiety. Also the Ylang Ylang Shower Steamer will also achieve anxiety relief and enhance your mood. as will our Chamomile Shower Steamer.

Can You Use Shower Steamers as Bath Bombs?

Shower steamers are not created to be used in direct contact with your skin, so it’s best to avoid using your shower steamer as a bath bomb. The high amount of essential oil in shower steamers may irritate your skin. Additionally, super steamers don’t have the moisturizing benefits that you can get from bath bombs.

When to Use Shower Steamers

Although you can certainly use your shower steamers daily, there are specific days when adding a shower steamer can make a big difference.

  • To wake you up in the morning when you feel extra lazy. A shower steamer with the right essential oils can give you a sudden burst of energy like a cup of coffee, sometimes even better.
  • During lazy days when you want to unwind and relax. You don’t have to go to the spa anymore if you have shower steamers at home.
  • After a long, busy day when you’re desperate to take the edge off and prepare for a calmer evening and better sleep afterward.
  • Throw your shower steamer on the floor when you need a mood pick-me-up.
  • The right shower steamer and a hot shower can reduce stress and tension if your muscles feel extra sore.
  • When you’re feeling slightly under the weather or during cold mornings, a shower steamer will quickly open up your airways.

Tips Using Shower Steamers

  • ‘Reactivate’ the shower steamer by getting it wet whenever you need to. It will start to fizzle again and continue filling the shower with a beautiful aroma.
  • Hot, steamy showers are a perfect combo with shower steamers as the steam will help release the essential oils into the air. But, if you prefer a cold shower, that’s okay too. You simply need to wet the shower steamer to activate it.
  • If the shower steamer’s smell is too strong for you, you can hang it on the shower-head or the tap instead of putting it on the floor. Or as far away from the shower as possible and in a bowl so it does not get too wet, then the aroma will just come from the steam.

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