How to Make Bath Bombs: Bath bombs are the perfect item to add fun, happiness, and excitement to bath time for children of all ages. With hundreds of combinations of colours, styles, and scents to choose from, these wonderful creations will keep your children entertained and captivated while in the bath. Furthermore, you can add even more fun to your children’s bath time by helping them to create these bath bombs for themselves.

What you need:

  • Bicarbonate of soda, 100g
  • Cornflour, 25g
  • Oil (coconut, sunflower, etc), 2 tablespoons
  • Essential oils (lavender, chamomile, etc), ¼ tablespoon
  • Citric acid, 50g
  • Liquid food colouring
  • Mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • Plastic moulds

How to make Bath Bombs Step By Step

Step 1
Place the citric acid, bicarbonate of soda, and cornflour in a bowl before thoroughly whisking these ingredients until fully combined into one mixture.

Place the essential oil, coconut or sunflower oil, and food colouring into a small bowl. Your choice of food colouring should be based on the colour you would like the bath bombs to turn out in. Mix these ingredients thoroughly in order to combine the food colouring and oil as much as possible.

Step 3
Slowly add the food colouring and oil mixture into the bowl of dry mixture a little bit at a time. Ensure you whisk thoroughly after each addition in order to make the colouring or the combined mixture as smooth as possible. Tips to stop your bath from staining.

Step 4
Once the entire oil mixture is added and whisked into the dry mixture, add one or two drops of water, and whisk again. It is important that you whisk the mixture immediately and quickly when the water is added as it will cause the mixture to fizz. The ideal consistency of the mixture will be achieved if you press the mixture into your hand and it clumps together and retains its shape. If the mixture is too wet this will not happen, and your bath bombs are unlikely to be successful.

Step 5
Many people will also choose to add flower petals or orange peels to their bath bombs to make them look even more appealing. Although this is not necessary, it can make your bath bombs truly stand out compared to others. If you choose to add these, drop them into your chosen mould before placing the mixture on top and pressing down on top. This will ensure the mixture fills the mould.

Step 6
Smoothen down the top of the mixture in the mould with a teaspoon in order to ensure a clean finish is produced in your bath bomb.

Step 7
Finally, simply leave your mixture to dry in the plastic mould for two to six hours before

Step 8
Repeat these steps above and create as many bath bombs as you would like. Then all you need to do is place your bath bombs in the bath and watch the magic happen as they fizz up and fill the bath with wonderful colours and aromas.

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